Reporting on "The Two Natures of Jesus" with Nick Tucker 15th February 2017


YGP is tremendously grateful to Nick Tucker for an excellent training conference. 

Nick’s three sessions were biblically rooted and theologically stretching, heart warming in their delivery and pastoral in their application.  Nick also interspersed a generous amount of time to answer the many questions from the floor and led us into praise and prayer.

In session 1 and the first part of session 2, Nick took us through early Christology with great clarity, as he guided us unerringly through the many controversies that led via the Council of Nicea up to the Council of Chalcedon in 451.



In the second part of session 2 and in session 3, Nick answered three vital questions:

The death of Christ is the death of God’s eternal son:

Does this mean that God died?

Does this mean that the Father suffered?

Does this mean that there was a rift in the Trinity?

 Nick finished the morning with application, under the title;  “Christ’s life my life.”. Jesus is Prophet, Priest and King.  He is the last Adam – the head of a new human race, born to live eternally and set free from sin and death.

As we all sang in the closing hymn; "Lord you are love beyond all telling, Saviour and King, we worship you".

You can listen to the whole conference here:



The three sessions of the recent Ministry Wives conference are also available to hear and download here.